Colour your imagination…

Heeeey !

How are you? I’m good, thanks for asking 😂img_2895

So January was my imagination month . I also wish that it was an imaginary month because of the Njaanuary struggles(if you know what I mean😂) but you know how the saying goes.. if wishes were horses , I’d probably have a ranch 🙂whatsapp-image-2017-01-25-at-10-27-31-am

When I was 12  I got this set of Faber Castel water colours for my  birthday . I was so excited that I finally got what I wanted. You know that kind of surprise where you get exactly what you want? That one!I had watched them on Art Attack ( Mehn.. I loved that show) and I just had to get them.

Processed with VSCO

Owing to the fact that I watched so much TV, you can imagine i’d sit in my room ,draw the curtains open and sketch what I could see ( perks of living at the top floor in apartments) . I would draw for hours and hours on end and if you ask me, I was a pretty amazing artist if I do say so myself💁


So I’ve decided to draw once more, not on paper but rather this plain white screen staring at me for you to see.20170120_205623

The shirt dress I’m wearing made me think of a corporate setting, and in this corporate office , I work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.Why? because those are the only weekdays.😀

The doors are made of chocolate and the office furniture made of cotton candy that can float . My briefcase is my set of water coloured pencils …20170120_204928

My job description?

Well, I haven’t thought it out yet because like most of the drawings , I never really got to finish them to the T…but I bet I,d be pretty cool.20170121_183341

Shirt dress- Jade Collections

Heels- Urban shoes

Necklace- Mr.Price

Photography : art_lens

Talk to you soon,

Processed with VSCO






14 thoughts on “Colour your imagination…

  1. Child!!! first, you look fab!! that shirt dress is IT!!
    Second, I pretty well remember your drawings…go back to drawing sometimes, will you?
    Third, waiting for the next blog.. asap, please?


    1. Chela , you make me so happy . I can’t believe you actually remember those drawings 🙂
      The next one is coming real soon


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