Green Kericho.

Hey ๐Ÿ™‚

For those coming across my work for the first time , I’m Cherop. Some people call me a blogger but I like to call what I do telling stories inspired by the true events in my life, together with pictures of my choice outfits…that’s not a blogger , is itย ?

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite places in the world : My home , the one not in Nairobi , but in the village, deep in the heart of Kenya._dsc0063

My hometown ( ย Hometown Glory by Adele, anyone?) is ย Mogogosiek, Bomet county( well known for it’s endless carpets of lush green tea). There’s a second one where my maternal grandma lives in Eldoret …but today’s focus is on Kericho. ย _dsc0039-1

Long ago, my batiem ( grandmother in Kalenjin) had a vision for the family she wanted. Together with my grandfather, they worked hard and acquired a piece of land onto which all their descendants could settle . ย The product of ย this was that her children and the many who came after were able to live together in one place. How many are we now? ย Well, in our culture we don’t count children .When asked , we respond by stating we have enough. So i’ll just say that today , around five generations live there , and we are very many._dsc0097

At home, family and nature surround me. One cousin taught me how to herd cows to the river , and another taught me how to milk a cow. And my cousin’s wife, the son of the first born of my grandmother ( stay with me now), taught me how to make ugali,YES, you can finally confirm that i know these things._dsc0057

Inspired by the tea from home, I wore aย green midi pencil skirt .The top was ‘ borrowed from my mummy ( I’m not giving it back) but I added my own twist to it ย , using recently found iron-on badges to elevate ย the button down top to have a funky, youthful vibe.Lastly , I put on nude flats to top off the casual look .


With so much to say, i think part two is in order


Outfit details:


Iron-on Badges-Mr.Price



Editor :sic_parvis_deus

Talk to you soon,_dsc0046-1


14 thoughts on “Green Kericho.

  1. 1. This post made me miss gramms(RIP)
    2. Cousins wife who was… (Mind-twistsd there kiddo.) Lol.. Safe to assume Uncle Joseah??…. I’m still lost. Lol..and with this I laugh again.
    3. The dress up. Guuurrrrllll!!! To cool yo!๐Ÿ‘Œ
    4. Kericho is bae ๐Ÿ˜..
    5. Keep them coming. As always, looking forward to the next, hopefully soon? ๐Ÿ˜Š


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