Something new 

Hey hey hey 🙂

dsc_83021.jpgHope you are doing great, I’m fine ..thanks for quintessentially asking ( I don’t know the meaning of this word but I’ve always wanted to use it , by the time you’re reading this I’ll have looked up the meaning… probably not 😂).

dsc_8307-e1505635406929.jpgLet’s talk  about the time I had braces . Ever since I was really young I wanted braces , I honestly remember praying for braces at a point because to me , the metal was cool and the colourful brackets were everything!

dsc_8299.jpgFast forward to high school and the dream floated away . By then , people were ‘old enough ‘ to have braces and their stories were just..umm well ,braces moved from  I want to a no-thank-youuu-honey 😅dsc_8289.jpg

Needless to say my prayer was answered and the dentist recommended I get them , at the very unripe age of fifteen . Everyone who’s had braces will tell you that the day you get them is absolute hell on earth .

dsc_82961.jpgNow , not to be judged for my weird food combinations but for the first few days I was reduced to eating vanilla ice cream mixed with plain white rice ( I suggest you try this combi 💁, it’s  the perfect balance of salty and sweet😂😂)

Probably your face as you read the ice cream and rice combo

Here’s the silver lining , was it not for braces I’d never have discovered that rice and ice cream go together , i was also able to embrace creativity by trying out new colours and most importantly, braces taught me how to SMILE , and that’s invaluable.

dsc_82861.jpgI’m not encouraging anyone to get braces if you don’t need them , this is just my personal story ☺ but teaching you to learn something new from your experiences ☺


How does this story connect to the outfit? Well it doesn’t, I just wanted to tell the story 😂.The lace button down shirt adds a feminine touch to an edgier studded flat shoe and classic denim skirt .

Lace button down –  thrifted

Gold belt -thrifted

Denim skirt-gift from mummy

Studded shoes-Jamia Mall


Talk to you soon,


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